MJ and ‘Sold:’ Long-term Partners in Real Estate 

    I am MJ Moss of Century 21 Covered Bridges Realty Inc. Twenty-five years of helping sellers and buyers to reach the ultimate goal of real estate, the “sold” sign, has given me a wealth of experience dealing with the joys and challenges of the process. One of the joys is that the process of finding, buying or marketing-to-sale of homes, land, recreational or investment properties is ever changing. I am committed to excellence and the personal touch that makes it happen.
    To that end, my education in the industry is ongoing. I have passed all the courses for a broker’s license; achieved the GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute, a three-week series of classes) designation; the PSA (Pricing Strategy Advisor) certification, which sharpened my skills at developing useful comparative market analyses, for both buyers and sellers; and, most recently, the NAR (National Association of Realtors) GREEN designation, which focuses on energy efficiency, water use and “smart” homes in the Internet of things (IoT) world we now inhabit. The GREEN designation is particularly apropos for me and the times in which we live. I was raised by gardeners who composted, used green pest deterrents, recycled and appreciated the spectrum of the natural world long before the ‘net’ made it a worthy goal.

The Green Scene
    What does “green” mean? How does Kermit’s world (don’t know Kermit -- Google) benefit us and how do we get there in real estate? Sellers, buyers, those building or retrofitting, all can use more information about energy solutions that are cost effective, using the IoT to create “smarter” homes, and finding the intersection between cost and value. What sort of testing is available? Where are the “green, smart” builders? Is there financial help to offset the costs of “green” retrofitting? The biggest benefit of the GREEN courses I recently completed has been learning to be the “source of the source.” I have had the pleasure of finding and speaking to a number of design, material-providing, testing and inspection, building, business people here or nearby who are a pool of experts available to all of us.
    To the end of sharing this treasure-trove of expertise, I am hosting a free seminar in March to showcase their knowledge and share how “green and smart” can benefit you (call or text for details).

High or Low, it will Go
     In 2016, I returned to listing properties, as well as representing buyers. I used aggressive marketing to sell several homes over $400,000 (one over $900,000) and also sold commericial and a number of more modestly priced homes. The listing side of the real-estate coin, making sellers homeless, allows for a lot of creativity -- fun for me. At the same time, working with buyers lets the teacher in me (my education and a lot of my experience) have free rein. Either way, a chat with me before you choose your agent won’t be wasted.

I Take it Personally
    It is true, I have a weird sense of humor and a passionate nature when it comes to honesty and hard work. It is also true that I have found working for a franchise, Century 21 Covered Bridges Realty Inc., to be a huge benefit for both me and my clients. The training  we receive here -- we have our own center on site -- both from our brokers and the education experts from Century 21 is invaluable in a rapidly-changing industry. The advantage is marketing that the parent company enjoys, both print and especially, electronically, over independents are enormous. We share in those advantages, and I’d like to share them with you.
    And, still, because I work with enlightened and caring brokers, I am free to take care of my clients, both sellers and buyers, in a way that is individualized and rewarding. Corporate does not mean that we are not involved, hands on and directly personal as any other agents -- it means we have more resources to be so. Want “sold?” Call or text me at 570-764-8903.